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O poezie deosebita dedicata de marea poeta americana Brenda Howard fratelui sau

I want to dedicate this week to my brother Mutt Howard who departed this life April 19, 1979. To this end I have written a poem in remembrance of Mutt from a different perspective of those written before.

Mutt, though you’ve been gone thirty-three years
At times I still can’t stem the tears.
Many years we shared a lot –we two;
As with four other siblings together we grew.

Sometimes we laughed…I remember well;
In hectic times I remember the hell!
But come what may God saw us through
He gave me strength to be there for you.

When you were little your battles I fought
But big sisters are created for that––are they not?
When you were scared I carried you to safety
‘Til the coast was clear..but that was meant to be!

While sifting through my repertoire of memories,
I see you leave church early and an old apple tree.
If you were here, brother, I have no doubt
You would know precisely what i’m thinking about!

We grew up, played the guitar, and sang a lot.
Those times are precious….can’t be forgot.
Brought your family to North Carolina….Oh yes
Brother, those times were some of the best!!

But I’m so happy for you Brother
Today you don’t hurt.
But I’m still languishing, missing you
Down here on this earth

The memories are precious but all too few
So early in life God called for you.
Many more things I would to write,
But the heart pangs disallow it…this must suffice.
Good night dear Brother…..good night!!

Your sister, Brenda

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